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About the Community Team

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our members are the backbone of the Town Centre Community Team.

While it is their ideas that help shape the direction travelled as we continue to develop, it is the whole community who contribute towards achieving a town that we are all proud of.

The Story So Far

The Community Town Team have been working together since July 2021, working with local leaders who have the resources and opportunities to make change happen.


This will ensure that the changes and improvements to the town are sustainable and for the benefit of the whole community and in this way the visions can become realities.

We see the Town's community work in this area as both a collective effort, a tool for connecting, and one for building a town centre that will sustain growth and changes in consumer habits for both the present generations in Chippenham and those still to come


It is the intention that our town will be both sustainable and one to be proud of.

Everything is relative to both what has gone before and present conditions - where we learn what is possible and what is achievable.  


At times the visions may not fully materialise but by looking toward the positives from the prospective of time and place we can manage both the expectations and the outcomes more realistically.

The illustration below shows the relationship that exists working toward that realistic goal:


Together with this working pyramid of collaboration four specific 'Chippenham Quarters' have been introduced (see below) which has empowered local businesses, traders, organisations, and community members, to use their knowledge, passion, and skills, in the regeneration of their specific areas. 

As can be seen, the new structure is all embracing with each quarter meeting at monthly, feeding into a quarterly meeting of the Town team and Town Partnership.


More details of the Quarters and the Partnership Board can be found in separate sections on this website.

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