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The Work of the
Rail & River Quarter

This is by far the most diverse of the town Quarters boasting - Wiltshire History Centre, Alliance Pharma, Wiltshire College & University, Olympiad Leisure Centre, Police HQ, Wiltshire Council offices, the main Paddington railway station, and other large organisations, that sit side by side with vibrant 'Pre-Loved' shops, a large mix of independent businesses and retail, together with the main evening economy area.

Somehow these all reside together, but how they fit together will be the key.

It is surrounded one side by the railway, another by the river, while being bordered by a huge housing cul-de-sac and separated from the High Street Quarter by the town bridge. 

The challenge facing this Quarter is to maximise its sense of place and the huge array of people who grace it daily, uniting its diversity and potential into an area that adds uniqueness to the town centre as a whole.


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