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Town Centre Quarters

Heritage Quarter

This town area covers the Causeway through to the Market Place, St Mary Street, and Timber Street, and has suffered in the past where it has been overlooked for investment in favour of the adjacent High street.

By identifying the typography of this part of the town in its own right, thereby enhancing its uniqueness, historic and artistic qualities, the team are able to work on short, medium and long-term areas for improvement.

This work will ensure that the uniqueness of their town Quarter can be shared by both the community and visitors, now and for generations to come.

heritage quarter map.jpg

Artisan Quarter

At one time it was a struggle to get this area acknowledged for its contribution to the town centre story but this is now acknowledges for the diversity it contributes to the Chippenham experience.

The previously proposed regeneration projects have concentrated on the high street to the railway arches/station area and never beyond, but this new approach is facilitating the development of a very special area which has rich vein of unique qualities that cover a range from multinationals to artisan and independent trades.  This Quarter has it all.

The new Artisan team is being led by local business man, Pete Dhillon and a strong group of people who understand the prospects the area has for future growth.

High Street/River Park Quarter

This is the major shopping area in the town with much new investment now being made by the new owners of both the Emery Gate and Borough Parade shopping centres, together with that of a private investor who owns the busy Wilko's building. 

Combined with this the Environment Agency has plans and money in budget to replace the Radial Gate, which could lead to the possibly of altering the camber of the river to become more people friendly -  a possibility that could also attract government funding.

Alongside projects promoted by the Chippenham Partnership Board, the members of this Quarter will be looking at those areas that need improving/changing such as the parking, lack of public toilets, and the voids that will be caused by the impending closure of HSBC and Barclays Bank

Learning/Entertainment Quarter

Of all the Quarters this section is the most diverse - stretching from Bath road through to the railway arches and up Station Hill to the busy areas of Wiltshire College and the Wiltshire History Centre.

It incorporates a wide range services which include: a retail offer, preloved shops, education, evening economy, charity organisations, sports, businesses, and the service sector.

There have also been plans in the pipeline for redevelopment of the Bath Road car park/Bridge Centre site in this area for many years which are still pending. 

It is an area where at present the major road network feeds through to the vibrant train station, but this causes its own challenges as it sits within one of the biggest cul-de-sac's in the country.

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