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Future of the Town Centre

Custodians of our Town

The actions that are taken now will shape our town centre for both this and future generations to come.

Ask many of the older residents about actions of the past and they will inevitably note the destruction of the 1960's.

Ask the adults of a younger generation and they will probably talk about the recent building of a multistore car park at Saddlers Mead.

The Town Team and Town Board are working to ensure a voice for the community in what happens next.

Here is where the process is at present.....

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The Work So Far


Community Town Team

The Work to Come

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At the Chippenham Partnership Board meeting on 1st July 2022 the Town Team were allocated the Regeneration Pillar concerned with Vibrancy, Culture and Communications - a mixed bag at the heart of the work to come.
With a vast breadth and depth of experience within the Chippenham community this is both extremely exciting and challenging, however the key to this will be the way in which the Town Team and Community work together. 
Get this right and the regeneration can truly be sustainable and ready for the generation of tomorrow to build on...... 


Chippenham Partnership Board

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