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Latest Vacancy Survey

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Shoppers Survey  October 2021

After the town centre had reopened in 2021the Town Team conducted a customer survey using several social media sites and a physical weekly presence with a gazebo on the Town Bridge.  There were also paper questionnaires available at the Community Hub.

One of the interesting responses was the perception by many that there are not enough independent shops in town - which later you will see is not reflected in reality.

The positive response highlighting the perception that there is already a community feel in town was good to build on as was the appreciation of the green spaces and parks.

A further survey will be rolled out later this year

Vacancy Surveys

Using the 'Purple Flag' area of Chippenham town centre, four members of the Town Team have now conducted three Vacancy Surveys by walking their area and talking to the traders.

The results have been presented into data for the four Quarters which then enables an instant map of activity together with reference to independent businesses.

The results are sent to Springboard who weigh it against similar surveys throughout the South West.

The result from the opening period of 2023 saw a drop in the vacancy rate in the town from 8.9% three previously to 7.8%.

April chart summary of results.jpg

The April survey saw a review of the areas covered in this exercise to closer reflect the new criteria for Purple Flag.

This changed the total figures slightly but has no significant difference on the overall outcomes.

There is obvious progress in the area of reducing vacancies in Borough Parade with the new owners on target to achieve full occupancy before the end of the second trading period, however there are areas of concern in the Artisan Quarter where an increase in vacancies is reflected in the prominent area adjacent to the main thoroughfare.

The Springboard analysis and national comparisons are awaited.

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