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A Market Town with Heart

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Undoubtedly, the Town Teams at the Chippenham Community Eco Hub are taking up a totally disproportionate amount of time at the moment but that is the nature of being involved in a town that is so full-on with community. It truly is a gift that keeps giving....and also keeps demanding!

It has been great to see members of this community coming through the Hub doors carrying their forks and spades (yes and even pushing a wheelbarrow that has seen better days with a flat tyre up front!) prepared to roll sleeves up and do some real physical work.

This is the antidote to the few who do nothing but moan, berate and hark back on past actions they do not feel live up to their high standards.

The Regenerations Team are of a similar ilk - not bemoaning Cv19, the internet and change in shopping habits, but a round-table of 17 local business, voluntary and organisational folk who see the life/work balance as an integrated choice weighted up by results not hours given.

The journey we are on is inspirational - we aim for a very high bar of change indeed, and if that bar is not reached, we will still be at a level that should kick-start a new way of working together, not so much I but we...

Life is good indeed xx

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